Review: Holiday Village Kos


I adore going on holiday. I mean, who doesn’t? We spend 50 weeks of the year looking forward to those precious weeks away in the sun, where quality family time and relaxation go hand in hand. There’s very rarely dishes to wash or cooking to be done, just plenty of time to work on your tan and enjoy plenty of splashing in the pool or sea.

As a parent, or just an adult in general, you’ve always got to be prepared for the worst when it comes to travelling. What if there’s nowhere that sells nappies/sun cream/your child’s favourite snacks?? The world will most likely end. Similarly, the stress of booking the right hotel with the most perfectly timed flights whilst not breaking the bank could easily send the calmest person in the world into a full blown meltdown.

We decided that, for us, booking through a travel agent would be the easiest route to a stress-free holiday. The friendly staff and swish store interior at our local Thomson’s was a winner for me, and they ended up finding us a two week holiday at Holiday Village Kos which landed bang on our budget.

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All work and no play makes me… a bad Mummy?

The Mum Guilt has hit me hard of late. 

It’s down to a mixture of things really; I started a new job about four weeks ago and last week I had a rather nasty bout of gallstones that put me out of action for a week, and I’ve been left feeling a bit out of the parenting loop. I’ve had a part-time job since George was about 18 months old, I even had two for a few months over Christmas, but it was mainly evening work. It meant I missed bedtime but I got to spend all day with my little pal, I knew the ins and outs of his day. However, my new job is regular 9-5 type hours and George’s days seem to be slipping away from me.

I’ve always taken the role of lead parent, mainly due to the fact that I spend the most time with George as my other half works full-time, it just simply worked out for us that way. Consequently I’ve always been the one George shouts for when he wakes up at night, and the one he wants to cuddle when he’s tired. However, as I start to work more and he’s starting to spend more time not just with his Daddy, but with his Grandparents and other family members, I’m starting to feel like my #1 Mummy title might need a little bit of a polish. Especially as the frequency of statements such as ‘where’s Daddy!’ and ‘I want to go to Nanas!’ starts to increase.

Last week George spent four days and three nights away from home, with only short visits for snatched kisses and cuddles. I desperately needed that time to recover from a pretty brutal bout of cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation or as I like to call it THE WORST PAIN ON EARTH) and George’s angel Grandparents really stepped up to help out. Herein the Mum Guilt began.

Why is it so hard to take a necessary break and not feel like the worst parent around? I knew he was being looked after and was loving every minute of being spoiled by his Grandma and Nana, spending most of it eating treats and playing on a new Bing scooter, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was shirking my responsibilities somehow. And now I’m almost back to normal, and back at work, I can’t shake the feeling that where I’m supposed to be is at home with my little boy making sure I’m Mumming it to the best of my abilities.

Carpet picnics & iced buns at Grandma’s

Of course I won’t be quitting my job, not only do I need the money but I’m fully aware that it’s an important and necessary part of my life. But UGHHH the guilty feels are just too much. Would it be weird if I made him wear a tiny camera everywhere so I could still be part of his day?

I know I’m not a bad Mummy, and I know all you working/stay at home/work at home Mamas out there aren’t bad Mummys either. We’re all ultimately doing the best we can for our little ones, if only there was a way to have it all!

The Newborn Feeding Series #9 ft. Pretty in Playdough


Hello everyone! I’ve managed to make it back for another week of the Newborn Feeding Series, yay! This week I’m featuring Catherine from Pretty in Playdough. I’ve been chatting to Catherine on Twitter quite a bit over the past couple of months and we have a lot in common, she’s even doing the same degree I did! It’s lovely to have her writing a guest post for me and I’ve really been looking forward to sharing it with you all. Here’s her story all about her feeding her baby girl, Little R (look those sassy sunglasses!)

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If I have to wash one more dish…


If I have to wash one more dish,

Or pan, or plate, or tree of mugs,

I’m going to have to switch my wine to something stronger,

I mean vodka, of course (not drugs).


If I have to sweep up one more crumb,

Or raisin, or cheerio, or forgotten piece of toast,

I’m going into hibernation,

Which will make such a difference to my jam-packed social calendar, obviously, almost.


Should I just let our house descend into squalor?

Would it be any different from its current state?

I’d like to think of course it would! Yes!

But as the last time I hoovered was four days ago, I’m probably a bit late.


There must be more to adulting than cooking, washing, cleaning,

I thought I’d be eating cake for breakfast and embarking on a daily Netflix binge,

But alas, there’s little time after all the daily tasks,

And don’t get me started on the lack of cake, I wouldn’t like to whinge.


The bits in between; the cuddling, laughing, playing,

They are the gems of adult life,

They drag me out of bed in the morning,

And make me feel like a person, as well as a housewife.


I’ll be over it tomorrow, a glass of wine tonight will do its job,

A cleaner won’t appear, no matter how hard I wish,

I’ll cook and clean for my family with love and no complaints,

Just don’t make me wash another dish.



Our June Favourites.

Our June Favourites (2)

Okay, it’s mid way through July now, can we just pretend it’s not? It’s the 1st of the month and this post is totally on time?! Yes? Thankyou. (I’ll try better next month, promise)

Firstly, how on earth is it July already?! George is almost two and a half, and I’ve been faffing around with this little blog for almost 6 months! I’d like to have thought my favourites would have become more summery by this point in the year, but with the wettest June on record, that’s sadly not the case.

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The Newborn Feeding Series #8 ft. Motherhood IRL


The Newborn Feeding Series is BACK! And, this week I’m so happy to be featuring the lovely Davina from Motherhood IRL. I’ve been chatting a lot with her over the past few weeks, mainly about politics (how intellectual of us, I know) and we definitely share a lot of views. I love her blog and can’t wait for you all to read about her newborn feeding experiences with her two little boys.

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