Our June Favourites.

Okay, it’s mid way through July now, can we just pretend it’s not? It’s the 1st of the month and this post is totally on time?! Yes? Thankyou. (I’ll try better next month, promise)

Firstly, how on earth is it July already?! George is almost two and a half, and I’ve been faffing around with this little blog for almost 6 months! I’d like to have thought my favourites would have become more summery by this point in the year, but with the wettest June on record, that’s sadly not the case.

My favourite thing in June has to be the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I have three shades; Manila, a bright coral-toned pink, Monte Carlo, a deep pink-toned red, and Cannes, a slightly coral-toned nude. The consistency of these products is fab! The glide on the lips like a… cream (surprise, surprise!) and the lasting power of a matte lip is always a winner for me. However, unlike other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve used, they aren’t at all drying, and while they do tend to fade after a few hours wear, you don’t get that annoying line around your lip edge that ends up making you looks like you’ve tried, and failed, at a strange 90s makeup look. Newly available in Boots, find them here. Here I am wearing Monte Carlo at the weekend!

Is it possible to go wrong with a red lip and an LBD?

George’s favourite this month has been cereal. Yep, cereal. He has at least two bowls on a morning and often snacks on pots of it (sans milk) throughout the day. Must try harder with healthy snacks, I know. I’ve honestly found it so hard to choose a favourite for G this month because he’s been consistently difficult about most things! His new favourite phrase to throw at us mid-negotiation over shoes, eating, leaving the house etc Eric etc, is ‘I don’t like to!’ What does that even mean?! So the only thing I could think he’s loved every day has been eating cereal, which actually has been the source of more than a few tantrums too (me: I think half a box of cereal is enough for today. George: *loses mind and screams as if I’m murdering him*). Maybe we’ll just come back to George for a favourite next month.

Frankie’s favourite this month has undoubtedly been his new hifi, speakers, amp and turntable. I’d ask the particular brand etc but he’s up in his man cave (the attic) as I type spinning records ?!?! and playing Tom Waits loudly, so I’ll just leave him to it and possibly add an update later.

Finally, our family favourite definitely has to be Dalscone Farm. George and I went along with one of the regular playgroups we go to and it was fab. The soft play inside was well worth a visit in itself, and George spent more time climbing and going down slides than he actually did outside looking at animals. There was all sorts of outdoor activities including: animals, go karts, trampolines, multiple parks, a bouncy castle and a huge sand pit. Anyone in North West England or South West Scotland, it’s definitely worth a visit with your little ones! Visit their website here.

I hope to see you all again next month in a more timely manner and with more of an input from the boys! It is Everything’s Rosie and George after all, he’s going to have to start pulling his weight when it comes to providing content.

What were your favourites in June?


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