I Missed the First 30 Weeks.

I can already hear the shouting. The shouts of ‘but how didn’t you know?!’, ‘you must’ve known?!’ and my personal favourite, ‘did you not even have an inkling?!’ My answer, no, no and no. If you haven’t read my Tricky Second Post then you might yet still think of me as Rosie, mummy to George, and newbie blogger, but you’d be wrong – let me introduce myself. My name is Rosie and I’m ‘the one that found out they were pregnant at 30 weeks’.

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The Tricky Second Post.

Starting this blog opened up some kind of dam in my brain and all of a sudden all I can think about is what to write next. However, I didn’t want to fall into the same trap that many musicians do when writing their second, and considerably more ‘tricky’, album, I wanted to keep it simple and about something I am confident talking about – myself.

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