Ways to NOT be helpful, pt. 1.

When you’re pregnant it becomes a pretty public affair. Everyone from your postman to the woman in front of you in the queue in Sainsbury’s feels like they need to chime in and push their piece of advice to the top of your ever-growing queue of ‘things to keep in mind’. Whatever that means. I thought I’d start a little series compiling the particularly unhelpful comments I’ve heard during the different stages of parenthood so far. I’m gonna kick it off with ‘5 ways to NOT be helpful… to a pregnant lady’.

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Getting To Know You.

As I slowly immerse myself nto the world of blogging and I’ve found one of my favourite places to start on a blog I’ve never read before is a ‘5 Facts About Me‘ type post. So, before I continue my ramblings on parenthood, I thought it would only be polite to introduce myself a bit more!
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The First Post.

They say the first step is always the hardest, so here goes.

I’m Rosie, a 23 year old History and English graduate from the north-west of England. I am lucky enough to have a constant companion and tiny best friend, George, my (almost) two-year old son. I have been meaning to start this blog for the last two years so I could chronical parts of George’s life which (as everyone keeps telling me) will fly by, but I’ve never managed to get round to it. However, my attempt at fulfilling at least one New Year’s resolution has spurred me on, and here I am, a bit late to the party, but giving it a go nevertheless!

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