Reading with Rosie: The First Bad Man by Miranda July

Is the title cringey? I couldn’t decide?! I felt like just entitling this post as a ‘book review’ would be boring, but I’m questioning my decision now. Let me know because I read a lot of books so I might make this sort of a post a regular addition but I don’t want to embarrass myself with a cringey title every time.

Self-doubt aside, let’s get on with it.

As a child I read A LOT. I was one of those know-it-all type pre-teens who mugly sprinted through every new Harry Potter book within 24 hours. What a pain in the arse, eh? However, a four year degree in History and English which required the reading of close to INFINITY books that I had little to no choice in, put me off reading if I’m honest. Or at least off books that required any type of mental participation.

However, I’ve decided in the past year that I need to pick up some of the interests that I really enjoyed pre-baby. It’s time for this Mama to use her brain again!

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Our May Favourites.

To start things off I’ve decided to cut down on the content of these favourites posts. I’ve a tendency to blabber about things I enjoy and they were getting a bit long, I’m sure you noticed. So I’m limiting each of us to only one fave! Here’s a few things our little family were loving in May.

My favourite this month has been Bruce & Luke’s coffee. You’re not a true parent blogger until you’ve professed your love for caffeine so here goes. This stuff is bloody delicious! The difference between this and instant coffee is so real it’s ridiculous. Bruce and Luke own a cafe in my hometown, Carlisle, called Foxes and we really enjoy going on a weekend for breakfast or a little coffee and cake treat. George is a big fan of the toddler-head-size muffins, and we’re happy to sit there and knock back a few tasty coffees while he covers himself in crumbs/chocolate/milkshake. They roast their own beans which makes it stand out from other cafes for me, and their coffee is available to buy in the cafe as well as online here. I’d recommend the Espresso Blend!

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My Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Mums.

My first foray into the world of blogging was not in fact parenting blogs, but the pastel-tinted, peony-covered beauty blogs. I was drawn in by their pretty pictures, and hooked by their, usually, spot on beauty tips. I’m certainly nowhere near as up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and products as I was when I first started reading beauty blogs whilst at uni (with infinite free time on my hands), but I am certainly still interested in looking semi-acceptable when I leave the house.

The following five products are ones which I reach for again and again, and I think they make it very quick and easy to achieve a basic ‘put together’ look. They’re all available on the high street and I think they’re pretty reasonably priced (£23 for a lipstick, are you kidding me? Looking at you Charlotte Tilbury).

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Birthday Card Review: Cardooo Cards

love all things birthday-related. Receiving cards in the post will always make me feel a little bit excited, and reading words that someone has written to me personally will always bring out my sentimental side. However, I do find it somewhat pointless to give my toddler any form of occasion card. As he’s only just coming up two years old he is yet to fully understand celebrations – apart from the receiving of presents, of course. So when it comes to giving him birthday cards it’s hard not to see it as a bit wasteful, in reality they ultimately become colouring/painting fodder.

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