Our April Favourites.

April is my favourite month, with my birthday right in the middle and the lovely Spring weather starting to kick in, I always feel like April brings me out of my post-Christmas funk. Obviously my dreams of nicer weather haven’t really come true this year, but we’ve had a lovely month and here are the things that we’ve particularly enjoyed!

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Toddler Travel Essentials.

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely holiday in the Costa Del Sol, Spain with my Mum. The sun shone for (almost) the whole week and George was in his element spending his days at the beach, the pool or in a nearby park. It was brilliant to spend some quality time with my Mum, we’re really close and she dotes on George. I have to admit though, I was somewhat terrified nervous at the prospect of a three-hour flight with a two year old. When we went on holiday last year he was only 18 months old and seemed so much smaller than he is now, while the flight wasn’t exactly relaxing it was way more manageable as there was seven of us to share the responsibility (we went away with Frankie’s family).

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GIVEAWAY! My Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Mums.

I really wanted to do a giveaway to coincide with George’s birthday but I was really struggling with what I could actually give away! But, after the popularity of my latest post My Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Mums I made a decision – I’ll give away one of each of the items I recommended !


All you have to do is follow the link below! The giveaway will be open from 12am 25/02/16 – 12am 10/03/16, GOOD LUCK!


Note: I’ll be giving away a Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain rather than an Elizabeth Arden Lip Protectant. The winner will also get to choose their own shades for the concealer, eyebrow pencil and powder.

My Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Mums.

My first foray into the world of blogging was not in fact parenting blogs, but the pastel-tinted, peony-covered beauty blogs. I was drawn in by their pretty pictures, and hooked by their, usually, spot on beauty tips. I’m certainly nowhere near as up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and products as I was when I first started reading beauty blogs whilst at uni (with infinite free time on my hands), but I am certainly still interested in looking semi-acceptable when I leave the house.

The following five products are ones which I reach for again and again, and I think they make it very quick and easy to achieve a basic ‘put together’ look. They’re all available on the high street and I think they’re pretty reasonably priced (£23 for a lipstick, are you kidding me? Looking at you Charlotte Tilbury).

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