The Newborn Feeding Series #10 ft.Odd Hogg

Welcome back to another installment of The Newborn Feeding Series! I’m thrilled to be featuring Kim from Odd Hogg this time around, her blog is fab – I’d definitely recommend heading over there for a read (after you’ve read this… of course).

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All work and no play makes me… a bad Mummy?

The Mum Guilt has hit me hard of late. 

It’s down to a mixture of things really; I started a new job about four weeks ago and last week I had a rather nasty bout of gallstones that put me out of action for a week, and I’ve been left feeling a bit out of the parenting loop. I’ve had a part-time job since George was about 18 months old, I even had two for a few months over Christmas, but it was mainly evening work. It meant I missed bedtime but I got to spend all day with my little pal, I knew the ins and outs of his day. However, my new job is regular 9-5 type hours and George’s days seem to be slipping away from me.

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