5 Alternative Halloween Costumes for You and Your Toddler

I’m not sure I really get the sudden hype around Halloween in the UK and I feel more than slightly uncomfortable dressing my 2 year old up like a corpse, but Halloween themed events at nursery/playgroups do call for a certain level of ‘joining in’. So here are some alternative Halloween costumes I think would be perfect for any toddler-parent combo looking to dish out some scares!


1. The ‘I’ve ran out of tea/coffee parent’

Horror of all horrors. No caffeine in the house. Your child has been up since the crack of dawn (or even pre-dawn on these cold, dark Autumn mornings). Nothing can instil more fear in to the heart of parents.

You will need:

Empty coffee jar/tea bag box.

Black eyeshadow to really excentuate those dark eye bags.

TIPS: this can be used for yourself or your toddler. If you want them to fully commit to the role suggest they pull a face as though all of their toys have been stolen, that should result in a perfectly haunted look to suit the costume. This costume can also be versatile, replace the coffee jar for an empty wine bottle/chocolate wrapper.

2. The ‘pre-dawn wake up’

Linked to number 1, the pre-dawn wake up is even more terrifying. You hear the shout, ‘Mummy!’ ‘Daddy!’ But it’s still dark?! What’s happening?? It’s 4:30am and you’re already watching Peppa Pig and making breakfast – NO THANK YOU.

You will need:


A watch set to the earliest time your child has woken up.

TIPS: your toddler can join in by also wearing their PJs, however, their gaunt expression can be replaced by one of excitable mania. Where do they get their energy from?! Make sure to jab at your watch and roll your eyes as often as possible.


We’ve all been there, and by God it hurts. And why does it always have to happen when your stress is at the optimal level? At least 100x times worse than a fright from a ghost in my opinion.

You will need:

The evil little toy in question

A limp/hobble

TIPS: if your child isn’t in to Lego feel free to substitute for one of their other tiny toys; small, spiky dinosaurs are a favourite to be left strewn across the floor in our house. Your toddler can get involved by running ahead of you throwing lego (or other tiny toys) like confetti.

4. The ‘I want that crisp/sausage roll/drink of juice back!’

Your toddler decides they’re finished with whatever they’re eating or drinking, you know because you’ve asked them and checked at least a million times. So you decide to chance it, you’re starving (as if you’ve had time to make any food for yourself yet), so you take a bite. A bite you will regret for the next 2 scream-filled hours.

You will need:

Your food/drink of choice with a noticeable bite/gulp taken out of it.

A screaming toddler.

A look of complete and utter regret.

TIPS: get your toddler to pretend to prize your mouth open in an attempt to fish it back out.

5. The ‘there’s no wifi’

The simplest of them all. Turn all devices to airplane mode. Watch as Halloween fear and terror descend upon your whole family.

So there you have it! Is there any scream-inducing costumes you’d like to add? What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?






7 thoughts on “5 Alternative Halloween Costumes for You and Your Toddler

  1. I would like to go as the michelin tyre man thing from Ghostbusters. Basically, the method is eating a lot of cake and not applying fake tan for a couple of days. Shit the bed, I’m almost there! Where’s my Piz Buin? Loved this – very funny! Thanks for linking to the #chucklemums xx

    Liked by 1 person

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