If I have to wash one more dish…

If I have to wash one more dish,

Or pan, or plate, or tree of mugs,

I’m going to have to switch my wine to something stronger,

I mean vodka, of course (not drugs).


If I have to sweep up one more crumb,

Or raisin, or cheerio, or forgotten piece of toast,

I’m going into hibernation,

Which will make such a difference to my jam-packed social calendar, obviously, almost.


Should I just let our house descend into squalor?

Would it be any different from its current state?

I’d like to think of course it would! Yes!

But as the last time I hoovered was four days ago, I’m probably a bit late.


There must be more to adulting than cooking, washing, cleaning,

I thought I’d be eating cake for breakfast and embarking on a daily Netflix binge,

But alas, there’s little time after all the daily tasks,

And don’t get me started on the lack of cake, I wouldn’t like to whinge.


The bits in between; the cuddling, laughing, playing,

They are the gems of adult life,

They drag me out of bed in the morning,

And make me feel like a person, as well as a housewife.


I’ll be over it tomorrow, a glass of wine tonight will do its job,

A cleaner won’t appear, no matter how hard I wish,

I’ll cook and clean for my family with love and no complaints,

Just don’t make me wash another dish.



10 thoughts on “If I have to wash one more dish…

  1. Oh I adore this so much, it is absolutely amazing and so well written. It literally sums up my life. I literally hoovered yesterday and my house is a shit tip already. I often want to sit and cry about it. (I do often have cake for breakfast though #fatty) Thank you so much for taking part in #prettyinplaydough

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  2. This is my life. It seems like as soon as I get through sweeping the floors more crumbs magically appear. And it’s not only the little one who is so messy! My husband is just as bad. #PrettyinPlaydough

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love it! Don’t make ME wash another dish too! I might sing this to my husband tonight, think he’ll appreciate it? I will be whinging I am sorry if there is a lack of cake! #bigpinklink

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