I’ll start by setting the scene:

It’s 10am on a dreary, supposedly Summer, weekday morning, and soft play is largely deserted. A few toddlers are scattered around the under 5’s area. Their parents are generally glad to have something  to do that is guaranteed to entertain and tire out their little one, the vibe is as relaxed as soft play gets.

BAM! A loud slapping sound, followed by a sharp intake of breath. 


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5 Alternative Halloween Costumes for You and Your Toddler

I’m not sure I really get the sudden hype around Halloween in the UK and I feel more than slightly uncomfortable dressing my 2 year old up like a corpse, but Halloween themed events at nursery/playgroups do call for a certain level of ‘joining in’. So here are some alternative Halloween costumes I think would be perfect for any toddler-parent combo looking to dish out some scares!


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