The Newborn Feeding Series #10 ft.Odd Hogg

Welcome back to another installment of The Newborn Feeding Series! I’m thrilled to be featuring Kim from Odd Hogg this time around, her blog is fab – I’d definitely recommend heading over there for a read (after you’ve read this… of course).

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The Newborn Feeding Series #9 ft. Pretty in Playdough

Hello everyone! I’ve managed to make it back for another week of the Newborn Feeding Series, yay! This week I’m featuring Catherine from Pretty in Playdough. I’ve been chatting to Catherine on Twitter quite a bit over the past couple of months and we have a lot in common, she’s even doing the same degree I did! It’s lovely to have her writing a guest post for me and I’ve really been looking forward to sharing it with you all. Here’s her story all about her feeding her baby girl, Little R (look those sassy sunglasses!)

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The Newborn Feeding Series #8 ft. Motherhood IRL

The Newborn Feeding Series is BACK! And, this week I’m so happy to be featuring the lovely Davina from Motherhood IRL. I’ve been chatting a lot with her over the past few weeks, mainly about politics (how intellectual of us, I know) and we definitely share a lot of views. I love her blog and can’t wait for you all to read about her newborn feeding experiences with her two little boys.

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The Newborn Feeding Series #7 ft. Accidental Hipster Mum

After a brief hiatus last week, the Newborn Feeding Series is back! And I am so excited to be featuring Accidental Hipster Mum and her feeding stories for both of her children. Jenny’s blog was one of the first I ever read, and I continue to enjoy reading it regularly, I’m thrilled that she’s had the time to write something for me amidst the busyness of her Mum-student-hipster life.

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The Newborn Feeding Series #5 ft. Sue

I almost didn’t make it with this post today – the move from cot to toddler bed almost got the better of me! But I refuse to be beaten by a tiny, adorable dictator, so here I am, phone blogging while I guard his bedroom door to stop any escape attempts.

This week I’m featuring Sue’s experience of feeding her, now 11 month old daughter, Aria. Similar to Dad Up North last week, Sue is also from my hometown! However, she’s currently living in Australia. I thought it would be so interesting to feature her story, especially to see how the culture of feeding a newborn on the other side of the world might have its differences or similarities to doing the same here in the UK.

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The Newborn Feeding Series #4 ft. Dad Up North

Hello everyone! And welcome back for another week of Newborn Feeding realness.

This week I’m featuring Dad Up North, who is of course a Dad Blogger! It’s easy to see Newborn Feeding as a specifically female experience but if you think back veryyyyy carefully I’m sure you’ll remember a male figure somewhere in the vicinity during those newborn months, and if your baby was bottle-fed they might even have been the one holding the bottle.

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