Our April Favourites.

April is my favourite month, with my birthday right in the middle and the lovely Spring weather starting to kick in, I always feel like April brings me out of my post-Christmas funk. Obviously my dreams of nicer weather haven’t really come true this year, but we’ve had a lovely month and here are the things that we’ve particularly enjoyed!

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George Turns Two.

Today, the 22nd February 2016, George is two years old. I can’t believe it even as I type it. Where have these two years gone?

As I started this blog a little late in the game for a baby blog where monthly updates are the norm, I thought I’d wait until this point to do a *sort of* update about where George is milestone and progress wise. I always find these posts so interesting, whether it be to remember what your own child was like at that age, look towards their future or to place their progression amongst their peers.

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Birthday Card Review: Cardooo Cards

love all things birthday-related. Receiving cards in the post will always make me feel a little bit excited, and reading words that someone has written to me personally will always bring out my sentimental side. However, I do find it somewhat pointless to give my toddler any form of occasion card. As he’s only just coming up two years old he is yet to fully understand celebrations – apart from the receiving of presents, of course. So when it comes to giving him birthday cards it’s hard not to see it as a bit wasteful, in reality they ultimately become colouring/painting fodder.

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