Review: Holiday Village Kos

I adore going on holiday. I mean, who doesn’t? We spend 50 weeks of the year looking forward to those precious weeks away in the sun, where quality family time and relaxation go hand in hand. There’s very rarely dishes to wash or cooking to be done, just plenty of time to work on your tan and enjoy plenty of splashing in the pool or sea.

As a parent, or just an adult in general, you’ve always got to be prepared for the worst when it comes to travelling. What if there’s nowhere that sells nappies/sun cream/your child’s favourite snacks?? The world will most likely end. Similarly, the stress of booking the right hotel with the most perfectly timed flights whilst not breaking the bank could easily send the calmest person in the world into a full blown meltdown.

We decided that, for us, booking through a travel agent would be the easiest route to a stress-free holiday. The friendly staff and swish store interior at our local Thomson’s was a winner for me, and they ended up finding us a two week holiday at Holiday Village Kos which landed bang on our budget.

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I do not want this.

I do not want to live in a country that favours isolation over unity.

I do not want to live in a country that favours right-wing nationalism over sense.

I do not want my son to grow up in an even less diverse community than we already have.

I do not want to be restricted when it comes to travel or work.

I do not want to ‘quieten down’ and ‘get over it’.

I do not want to be, yet again, led but an unelected Prime Minister.

I do not want the united community that has warded off Europe’s penchant for war to crumble.

I do not want to suffer financially because of something I did not ask for.

I do not want to be told that I am wrong to think some voters made an, at best, uninformed, and at worst, a hate-fuelled decision.

I do not want this country to leave the European Union, and I refuse to stop saying that.

On the 23rd July I spent 15 hours sat in a Polling Station handing out ballot papers and checking names off the electoral register. I then spent 5 and a half hours counting votes from 10 other Polling Stations. You might think the hardest part of that day was the sheer exhaustion from a 20 hour work day. You’d be wrong. The hardest part was the call for complete impartiality. The hardest part was watching people vote, and knowing from their shouts of ‘it’s time we took back control’ as they posted their vote into the ballot box, that they had no clue what they were plunging this country in to.

Since I woke up on Friday morning to the news that the Leave Campaign had won by a 1.8% majority and our Prime Minister had stepped down, my stomach has churned. My emotions have gone from shock to confusion and have now reached anger.

I am angry that a decision has been made that I don’t agree with, but I have to admit that that is a side-effect of democracy, not all votes go your way. However, I am most angry that those who instigated this call for change have all of a sudden become very quiet and no-one has yet offered a solution to the imminent decline of the pound and Jean-Claude Juncker’s shouts for the UK’s immediate removal from the EU. They clearly had not thought past the vote and did not expect to win, and what sort of attitude is that to have whilst asking the nation to decide on an irreversible and life-changing choice?

I am angry at those voters who walked into their Polling Stations on Thursday without a shred of credible knowledge regarding their vote. Education levels aside, you would not make a decision in your everyday life without knowing the facts, yet many seemed to have plunged head-long into support for a campaign whose questionable claims could easily be proven as conjecture or simply false.

I do not want this decision to stand, and that frustration is not going to subside easily. I do not want to be angry at my fellow Brits, simply because their own views do not align with my own, but I can not get on board with the world you wished to create when you made your choice.

I do not want this.





(This post is not intended to strike up a debate of any kind, I simply wanted to use this space to articulate my frustration and fears. The time for reasoning and convincing has long since passed. Any comments in this vein will be deleted.)


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Outfit Ideas: A Spring Wedding

I’d like to put this out there straight away – I am by no means a Fashion Blogger. In actual fact I go through my wardrobe relatively often just sighing and wondering why I’ve wasted my money on such tat, so maybe don’t get used to this type of post. But, as you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram (@everythingsrosieandgeorge), I went to my lovely friend Hayley’s wedding last weekend and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off some of the gorgeous Spring Wedding Outfits that were on show. I’ve tried to add links where I can so if you feel particularly inspired you’ll be able to get shopping straight away.

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Toddler Travel Essentials.

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely holiday in the Costa Del Sol, Spain with my Mum. The sun shone for (almost) the whole week and George was in his element spending his days at the beach, the pool or in a nearby park. It was brilliant to spend some quality time with my Mum, we’re really close and she dotes on George. I have to admit though, I was somewhat¬†terrified nervous at the prospect of a three-hour flight with a two year old. When we went on holiday last year he was only 18 months old and seemed so much smaller than he is now, while the flight wasn’t exactly relaxing it was way more manageable as there was seven of us to share the responsibility (we went away with Frankie’s family).

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Ways to NOT be Helpful, pt. 2.

I thought it was about time I continued my little series on ways people have been unhelpful during various parts of my pregnancy and parenting experience so far. Everyone and their cat loves a newborn, almost as much as they love making suggestions and comments on how you should be parenting/coping so far, so Part 2 is going to be all about ways to NOT be helpful to new parents.

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My Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Mums.

My first foray into the world of blogging was not in fact parenting blogs, but the pastel-tinted, peony-covered beauty blogs. I was drawn in by their pretty pictures, and hooked by their, usually, spot on beauty tips. I’m certainly nowhere near as up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and products as I was when I first started reading beauty blogs whilst at uni (with infinite free time on my hands), but I am certainly still interested in looking semi-acceptable when I leave the house.

The following five products are ones which I reach for again and again, and I think they make it very quick and easy to achieve a basic ‘put together’ look. They’re all available on the high street and I think they’re pretty reasonably priced (¬£23 for a lipstick, are you kidding me? Looking at you Charlotte Tilbury).

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