Review: Holiday Village Kos

I adore going on holiday. I mean, who doesn’t? We spend 50 weeks of the year looking forward to those precious weeks away in the sun, where quality family time and relaxation go hand in hand. There’s very rarely dishes to wash or cooking to be done, just plenty of time to work on your tan and enjoy plenty of splashing in the pool or sea.

As a parent, or just an adult in general, you’ve always got to be prepared for the worst when it comes to travelling. What if there’s nowhere that sells nappies/sun cream/your child’s favourite snacks?? The world will most likely end. Similarly, the stress of booking the right hotel with the most perfectly timed flights whilst not breaking the bank could easily send the calmest person in the world into a full blown meltdown.

We decided that, for us, booking through a travel agent would be the easiest route to a stress-free holiday. The friendly staff and swish store interior at our local Thomson’s was a winner for me, and they ended up finding us a two week holiday at Holiday Village Kos which landed bang on our budget.

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Toddler Travel Essentials.

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely holiday in the Costa Del Sol, Spain with my Mum. The sun shone for (almost) the whole week and George was in his element spending his days at the beach, the pool or in a nearby park. It was brilliant to spend some quality time with my Mum, we’re really close and she dotes on George. I have to admit though, I was somewhat terrified nervous at the prospect of a three-hour flight with a two year old. When we went on holiday last year he was only 18 months old and seemed so much smaller than he is now, while the flight wasn’t exactly relaxing it was way more manageable as there was seven of us to share the responsibility (we went away with Frankie’s family).

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