Liebster Award!

A few weeks ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Claire from The Pramshed (thank you so much!) I honestly didn’t really know what this meant but I’ve since read up on it a bit and I couldn’t be happier to take part. The award is a great way to discover new blogs and most importantly to receive acknowledgement that someone out there is enjoying your blog and give love to the blogs you think are great! Also, the word ‘Liebster’ has a few meanings in German, including dearest, sweetest, nicest – how lovely is that.

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I Missed the First 30 Weeks.

I can already hear the shouting. The shouts of ‘but how didn’t you know?!’, ‘you must’ve known?!’ and my personal favourite, ‘did you not even have an inkling?!’ My answer, no, no and no. If you haven’t read my Tricky Second Post then you might yet still think of me as Rosie, mummy to George, and newbie blogger, but you’d be wrong – let me introduce myself. My name is Rosie and I’m ‘the one that found out they were pregnant at 30 weeks’.

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Getting to Know George.

I thought that seeing as though I dedicated a post to facts about me it would only be fair to do the same for George, this blog is mainly going to be about him after all. Despite only being 23 months old he is probably more interesting than me, and definitely cuter, so I hope you all enjoy getting to know him!

1) George was born at 1:39am on the 22nd February 2014, three days overdue. My waters had broken roughly 44 hours earlier so he was whisked off to Special Care for a couple of hours but was quickly returned with a clean bill of health. He was perfect.

Those tiny fingers!

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