Father’s Day Gift Guide.

I love giving gifts. My bank balance isn’t such a big fan, but I really think there’s something special in seeing someone enjoy an item/experience that you’ve specially picked out for them.

But sometimes, it is a bit hard to think of something unique and interesting to give to someone, there’s only so many novelty pairs of socks in the world after all. I have three people to buy for this Father’s Day, my Dad, my Step-Dad and of course, George’s lovely Daddy. I’m usually okay finding something for Frankie, but when my Dad and Step-Dad come into play it all of a sudden becomes a lot more difficult, especially when their go to statement on the whole affair is, ‘don’t get me anything, I don’t want anything!’ 

So, to ward off any last minute buying I’ve compiled a little selection of gift ideas that might just be the one for your loved one, or at least give you some inspiration, and a push in the right direction.

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The Newborn Feeding Series #4 ft. Dad Up North

Hello everyone! And welcome back for another week of Newborn Feeding realness.

This week I’m featuring Dad Up North, who is of course a Dad Blogger! It’s easy to see Newborn Feeding as a specifically female experience but if you think back veryyyyy carefully I’m sure you’ll remember a male figure somewhere in the vicinity during those newborn months, and if your baby was bottle-fed they might even have been the one holding the bottle.

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The Terrible Twos: Are They Of Our Own Creation?

I’m forever thinking to myself that I deserve to be cut some slack.

So what if the dishes haven’t been done? So what if I haven’t got anything sorted for tea? So what if it’s 4pm and I’m wearing my dressing gown?

I try really hard to be the best Mother, Girlfriend, Daughter, Friend I can possibly be, and fulfil as many expectations that people have of me as I can, but sometimes I just don’t feel like putting 100% in – and do you know what? I think that’s reasonable.

However, I’ve recently been thinking about how many expectations I have for George’s behaviour, routine and general mood. He has all the love in the world and we make sure he’s constantly doing enjoyable activities, why would he be naughty? We’ve had the same routine since basically day one, why would he sometimes decide to turn it on its head? He is provided with constant love and attention, why would he ever be unhappy or grumpy? Because, some days he doesn’t want to give 100% either. 

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The Newborn Feeding Series #1 ft. Rachael

Welcome to the very first instalment of The Newborn Feeding Series! I was so thrilled with the response I got to my previous post requesting your stories for this series, I’m so excited to read everyone’s posts and create a weekly judgement-free space on this blog where the realities of newborn feeding can be shared.

First up is Rachael and her experience of feeding her son, Tommy.

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