If I have to wash one more dish…

If I have to wash one more dish,

Or pan, or plate, or tree of mugs,

I’m going to have to switch my wine to something stronger,

I mean vodka, of course (not drugs).


If I have to sweep up one more crumb,

Or raisin, or cheerio, or forgotten piece of toast,

I’m going into hibernation,

Which will make such a difference to my jam-packed social calendar, obviously, almost.


Should I just let our house descend into squalor?

Would it be any different from its current state?

I’d like to think of course it would! Yes!

But as the last time I hoovered was four days ago, I’m probably a bit late.


There must be more to adulting than cooking, washing, cleaning,

I thought I’d be eating cake for breakfast and embarking on a daily Netflix binge,

But alas, there’s little time after all the daily tasks,

And don’t get me started on the lack of cake, I wouldn’t like to whinge.


The bits in between; the cuddling, laughing, playing,

They are the gems of adult life,

They drag me out of bed in the morning,

And make me feel like a person, as well as a housewife.


I’ll be over it tomorrow, a glass of wine tonight will do its job,

A cleaner won’t appear, no matter how hard I wish,

I’ll cook and clean for my family with love and no complaints,

Just don’t make me wash another dish.



Our June Favourites.

Okay, it’s mid way through July now, can we just pretend it’s not? It’s the 1st of the month and this post is totally on time?! Yes? Thankyou. (I’ll try better next month, promise)

Firstly, how on earth is it July already?! George is almost two and a half, and I’ve been faffing around with this little blog for almost 6 months! I’d like to have thought my favourites would have become more summery by this point in the year, but with the wettest June on record, that’s sadly not the case.

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The Newborn Feeding Series #8 ft. Motherhood IRL

The Newborn Feeding Series is BACK! And, this week I’m so happy to be featuring the lovely Davina from Motherhood IRL. I’ve been chatting a lot with her over the past few weeks, mainly about politics (how intellectual of us, I know) and we definitely share a lot of views. I love her blog and can’t wait for you all to read about her newborn feeding experiences with her two little boys.

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I do not want this.

I do not want to live in a country that favours isolation over unity.

I do not want to live in a country that favours right-wing nationalism over sense.

I do not want my son to grow up in an even less diverse community than we already have.

I do not want to be restricted when it comes to travel or work.

I do not want to ‘quieten down’ and ‘get over it’.

I do not want to be, yet again, led but an unelected Prime Minister.

I do not want the united community that has warded off Europe’s penchant for war to crumble.

I do not want to suffer financially because of something I did not ask for.

I do not want to be told that I am wrong to think some voters made an, at best, uninformed, and at worst, a hate-fuelled decision.

I do not want this country to leave the European Union, and I refuse to stop saying that.

On the 23rd July I spent 15 hours sat in a Polling Station handing out ballot papers and checking names off the electoral register. I then spent 5 and a half hours counting votes from 10 other Polling Stations. You might think the hardest part of that day was the sheer exhaustion from a 20 hour work day. You’d be wrong. The hardest part was the call for complete impartiality. The hardest part was watching people vote, and knowing from their shouts of ‘it’s time we took back control’ as they posted their vote into the ballot box, that they had no clue what they were plunging this country in to.

Since I woke up on Friday morning to the news that the Leave Campaign had won by a 1.8% majority and our Prime Minister had stepped down, my stomach has churned. My emotions have gone from shock to confusion and have now reached anger.

I am angry that a decision has been made that I don’t agree with, but I have to admit that that is a side-effect of democracy, not all votes go your way. However, I am most angry that those who instigated this call for change have all of a sudden become very quiet and no-one has yet offered a solution to the imminent decline of the pound and Jean-Claude Juncker’s shouts for the UK’s immediate removal from the EU. They clearly had not thought past the vote and did not expect to win, and what sort of attitude is that to have whilst asking the nation to decide on an irreversible and life-changing choice?

I am angry at those voters who walked into their Polling Stations on Thursday without a shred of credible knowledge regarding their vote. Education levels aside, you would not make a decision in your everyday life without knowing the facts, yet many seemed to have plunged head-long into support for a campaign whose questionable claims could easily be proven as conjecture or simply false.

I do not want this decision to stand, and that frustration is not going to subside easily. I do not want to be angry at my fellow Brits, simply because their own views do not align with my own, but I can not get on board with the world you wished to create when you made your choice.

I do not want this.





(This post is not intended to strike up a debate of any kind, I simply wanted to use this space to articulate my frustration and fears. The time for reasoning and convincing has long since passed. Any comments in this vein will be deleted.)


Pink Pear Bear
Cuddle Fairy
The Pramshed

The Newborn Feeding Series #7 ft. Accidental Hipster Mum

After a brief hiatus last week, the Newborn Feeding Series is back! And I am so excited to be featuring Accidental Hipster Mum and her feeding stories for both of her children. Jenny’s blog was one of the first I ever read, and I continue to enjoy reading it regularly, I’m thrilled that she’s had the time to write something for me amidst the busyness of her Mum-student-hipster life.

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Reading with Rosie: The First Bad Man by Miranda July

Is the title cringey? I couldn’t decide?! I felt like just entitling this post as a ‘book review’ would be boring, but I’m questioning my decision now. Let me know because I read a lot of books so I might make this sort of a post a regular addition but I don’t want to embarrass myself with a cringey title every time.

Self-doubt aside, let’s get on with it.

As a child I read A LOT. I was one of those know-it-all type pre-teens who mugly sprinted through every new Harry Potter book within 24 hours. What a pain in the arse, eh? However, a four year degree in History and English which required the reading of close to INFINITY books that I had little to no choice in, put me off reading if I’m honest. Or at least off books that required any type of mental participation.

However, I’ve decided in the past year that I need to pick up some of the interests that I really enjoyed pre-baby. It’s time for this Mama to use her brain again!

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