I do not want this.

I do not want to live in a country that favours isolation over unity.

I do not want to live in a country that favours right-wing nationalism over sense.

I do not want my son to grow up in an even less diverse community than we already have.

I do not want to be restricted when it comes to travel or work.

I do not want to ‘quieten down’ and ‘get over it’.

I do not want to be, yet again, led but an unelected Prime Minister.

I do not want the united community that has warded off Europe’s penchant for war to crumble.

I do not want to suffer financially because of something I did not ask for.

I do not want to be told that I am wrong to think some voters made an, at best, uninformed, and at worst, a hate-fuelled decision.

I do not want this country to leave the European Union, and I refuse to stop saying that.

On the 23rd July I spent 15 hours sat in a Polling Station handing out ballot papers and checking names off the electoral register. I then spent 5 and a half hours counting votes from 10 other Polling Stations. You might think the hardest part of that day was the sheer exhaustion from a 20 hour work day. You’d be wrong. The hardest part was the call for complete impartiality. The hardest part was watching people vote, and knowing from their shouts of ‘it’s time we took back control’ as they posted their vote into the ballot box, that they had no clue what they were plunging this country in to.

Since I woke up on Friday morning to the news that the Leave Campaign had won by a 1.8% majority and our Prime Minister had stepped down, my stomach has churned. My emotions have gone from shock to confusion and have now reached anger.

I am angry that a decision has been made that I don’t agree with, but I have to admit that that is a side-effect of democracy, not all votes go your way. However, I am most angry that those who instigated this call for change have all of a sudden become very quiet and no-one has yet offered a solution to the imminent decline of the pound and Jean-Claude Juncker’s shouts for the UK’s immediate removal from the EU. They clearly had not thought past the vote and did not expect to win, and what sort of attitude is that to have whilst asking the nation to decide on an irreversible and life-changing choice?

I am angry at those voters who walked into their Polling Stations on Thursday without a shred of credible knowledge regarding their vote. Education levels aside, you would not make a decision in your everyday life without knowing the facts, yet many seemed to have plunged head-long into support for a campaign whose questionable claims could easily be proven as conjecture or simply false.

I do not want this decision to stand, and that frustration is not going to subside easily. I do not want to be angry at my fellow Brits, simply because their own views do not align with my own, but I can not get on board with the world you wished to create when you made your choice.

I do not want this.





(This post is not intended to strike up a debate of any kind, I simply wanted to use this space to articulate my frustration and fears. The time for reasoning and convincing has long since passed. Any comments in this vein will be deleted.)


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14 thoughts on “I do not want this.

  1. Yes. Yes yes yes. This is how I feel, you took the words out of my mouth.

    Please do not call me a ‘sore loser’ or claim that I’m being bigoted when I comment on the trends in which sections of society voted. I’m angry and I have a right to dissect what has happened here and lament as much as I want!

    Rosie for PM!

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    1. God if someone calls me a sore loser I’m going to lose my mind. I haven’t lost a game of fucking tennis, this is the future of a whole country and the wrong decision has been made. Hahaha I may as well put myself forward for it, no one else seems to want the job! First thing I’d do is exile Boris and Farage..

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      1. All these posts on Facebook about how we need to unite and nobody is racist really and old people fought so we could have the vote so we need to respect them… Fuck off! I’m sick of being told how I need to react when I’m fuming and gutted all at once. If Boris ends up as PM it’ll tip me over the edge!

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  2. I totally agree and I do not want this either. I can’t fully blame voters who were taken it by the actual lies spouted by the Leave campaign, but I’m sad because they played right into their hands. I’m also absolutely gobsmacked that none of the Leave guys appear to have ANY CLUE about how to take us forward. How on earth can you campaign for such a monumental change to the status quo without having a plan?!

    I don’t believe that Boris really wanted this. I think he thought we’d vote remain but he’d come out looking awesome and like a man of the people. He’s unleashed a monster alongside Farage, to the applause of every right wing party. When Marie Le Pen, Trump and Putin are congratulating you, you should be very worried.

    I can’t find the link but on the Jack of Kent website there’s a really interesting post about the legalities of the situation we are in – and the fact that until Article 50 is invoked, this is all meaningless. Strange then that all of the main leave guys (apart from nutty Farage) appears to want to delay this. Not so sure of themselves now apparently.

    The anecdotes of racist comments and attacks increasing are really worrying though – but they make sense. There leave campaign had a lot of xenophobic undertones to it – they’ve made it more acceptable to villify whole groups of people. It’s horrible and it’s not the Britain that I love.

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    1. I so agree! Why did they not have a plan for what would happen if they won? And why did anyone put their faith in Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage to come up with a plan when they have absolutely no power in government between them? It’s ludicrous. The resulting increase in open xenophobia and racism is terrifying at the very least. I’m sure everyone will remember the story of a certain country who previously allowed a far right minority to gain a presence in the public consciousness who then used foreigners as a scapegoats for all the countries issues…

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  3. completely agree with you too. ive felt angry and sick since Friday and I also feel like I have no one to speak to other than hubby. people have told me to get over it, to move on, whats done is done and people tell me to stop whinging on. but this is huge and im so heartbroken by it all. I cant believe people believed that if we voted out it would be insta-close to our borders. I just hate it all and it’s caused a lot of family friction ( families, both sides voted out). Leave have no idea what to do next and the country is in a complete mess šŸ˜• #bigpinklink

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  4. I come from the US and I am not proud, as we have Trump running for President, which brings up every single point you made about leaving the EU. I scared for us all right now. We are all in a mess and it is not an easy fix. Thank you for writing about this, #bigpinklink

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  5. I’ve felt a bit numb and heartbroken since Friday. It’s done though, and there is no going back and so I’m trying my hardest to look for some positives. I’ll let you know if I find any! Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink

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  6. I think the decision is too great to take when it was such a narrow majority. I have never before heard so many people openly discussing that they didn’t understand it or didn’t know who to vote for. #bigpinklink

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  7. The referendum only gives politicians the people’s opinion, it is not binding in anyway. I would be amazed if the Conservatives find a replacement PM who has the back bone to instigate Article 50. Whatever happens, I think we need to look to the future rather than the past. This referendum has divided the country, and caused so much trouble and hatred from both camps.
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK šŸ™‚

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  8. You took the words right out of my mouth! Last Friday I felt angry, numb and in shock, social media was awash with anger, commuters at my local station were angry (you could literally feel it). I honestly thought we would remain, I’m scared for our future, for our daughter’s future, one that is now uncertain, and who knows how long that uncertainty will go on for. Thanks for sharing a fab post with us at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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