Our May Favourites.

To start things off I’ve decided to cut down on the content of these favourites posts. I’ve a tendency to blabber about things I enjoy and they were getting a bit long, I’m sure you noticed. So I’m limiting each of us to only one fave! Here’s a few things our little family were loving in May.

My favourite this month has been Bruce & Luke’s coffee. You’re not a true parent blogger until you’ve professed your love for caffeine so here goes. This stuff is bloody delicious! The difference between this and instant coffee is so real it’s ridiculous. Bruce and Luke own a cafe in my hometown, Carlisle, called Foxes and we really enjoy going on a weekend for breakfast or a little coffee and cake treat. George is a big fan of the toddler-head-size muffins, and we’re happy to sit there and knock back a few tasty coffees while he covers himself in crumbs/chocolate/milkshake. They roast their own beans which makes it stand out from other cafes for me, and their coffee is available to buy in the cafe as well as online here. I’d recommend the Espresso Blend!

George’s favourite has been his new Gro-Clock from the Gro Company. I’d heard all about Gro-Eggs when G was tiny but never really got on board with the hype. However, when his pre-6am waking started becoming a regular occurrence we decided we needed something to help him deal with the early sunrises at the moment – cue the Gro-Clock. Every night we go through the routine of setting the clock to nightime, the screen shows a dimly lit star surrounded by smaller stars which gradually count down to the time you set the sun to come up. We set the sunrise to 7am (still too early if you ask me but we’ve got to ease him into it I suppose) at which point the dim blue backlight turns orange and the stars are replaced by the sun. From day one George has gotten up after the sun has come up! It’s a miracle! We’ve had two occasions where he’s woken up earlier by around ten minutes but he’s been happy to wait to get up as we’ve been able to point out that it’s not yet morning as the sun isn’t up yet. I would 100% recommend this product if you have a little one suffering to cope with the early Summer sunrises! Available here for only £19.99, although let’s be honest I’d pay 1 million pounds if I could be guaranteed a lie in every morning.

Photo cred.: gro.co.uk

Frankie has been really enjoying watching Bo Burnham’s stand-up shows on Netflix. I’ve been watching along with him and I can back this one up, it’s hilarious! His style of comedy is unlike anything I’ve seen before. His shows are very energetic and feature satirical songs and poems which are brilliantly witty and funny. My absolute favourite song is called ‘God’s Perspective’. Listen carefully to the lyrics, they’re laugh out loud hilarious but also have a much deeper meaning (maybe listen when you’re kids are in bed it’s not exactly child friendly).

Our family favourite was definitely Dino Park at Hetland Garden Centre near Dumfries, Scotland. I’m sure I’ll have mentioned many times before, George is OBSESSED with dinosaurs, he can identify basically every type (breed/race/what the hell do you call them?) even ones with names that I struggle to pronounce. The Dino Park was really well laid out, you follow a one-way path through a ‘forest’ featuring numerous dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, before arriving at a bouncy castle, adventure park, enchanted forest, fossil digging and small cafe. For only £11 for the three of us I thought it was great, and a lovely way to spend a morning with a dinosaur-obsessed toddler!

I can’t believe that’s May over with already! Finger’s crossed our recent beautiful weather lasts and that this is the start of a proper Summer, complete with real life sunshine. I’d love to know what your favourites were last month!


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