Father’s Day Gift Guide.

I love giving gifts. My bank balance isn’t such a big fan, but I really think there’s something special in seeing someone enjoy an item/experience that you’ve specially picked out for them.

But sometimes, it is a bit hard to think of something unique and interesting to give to someone, there’s only so many novelty pairs of socks in the world after all. I have three people to buy for this Father’s Day, my Dad, my Step-Dad and of course, George’s lovely Daddy. I’m usually okay finding something for Frankie, but when my Dad and Step-Dad come into play it all of a sudden becomes a lot more difficult, especially when their go to statement on the whole affair is, ‘don’t get me anything, I don’t want anything!’ 

So, to ward off any last minute buying I’ve compiled a little selection of gift ideas that might just be the one for your loved one, or at least give you some inspiration, and a push in the right direction.

DeLonghi ICM152 Filter Coffee Machine, £39.99 (John Lewis)

Photo cred.: Amazon

We actually already have this coffee machine. It’s really simple to use, just pop your favourite coffee grounds in, add some water, press the button and hey presto! Delicious coffee. It’s not the fanciest of kitchen appliances, you can’t use it to froth milk or make a soy chocolate chai macchiato with cream and sprinkles, or whatever fancy things they do at Starbucks these days. But if you like nice cups of filter coffee on a Sunday morning, this little coffee machine is a good one.

As a little extra you could always get them a particularly tasty bag of coffee grounds too. My favourite is the Espresso Blend from Bruce and Luke’s Coffee. It’s roasted by Bruce and Luke themselves in my home-town of Carlisle, and ground right before postage, making sure you get the freshest product possible. It’s delicious.

Crossley Cruiser Turntable, £69.99 (Amazon)

Photo cred.: Amazon

How gorgeous is this turntable? If whoever you’re buying for is a music fan this gift would not only be a great excuse to invest in some old vinyls, but it would also look fab on display in their/your home. A gift to please everyone! (And if their music isn’t to the taste of whoever they live with it also comes with a headphone jack)

M&S Cushioned Sole Socks, £12 for 5 pairs (Marks and Spencer)

Okay, okay, so socks aren’t exactly the most original of Father’s Day presents but hear me out! The cushioned soles make this gift, especially if your Dad spends a lot of time at work or doing activities where he’s on his feet. These socks say ‘take the pressure off, relax’, and they truly are a treat for the feet.

Casio Digital Stainless Steel Black Watch, £36 (ASOS)

Photo cred.: ASOS

I don’t think you can go wrong with a Casio watch. If you’re buying for a younger man then they’re retro and trendy, and if they’re a bit older then they’re a classic brand that they’ve seen before. I like this black stainless steel one, not too flashy and the steel is going to wear better, but they come in lots of different colours/styles to suit any of the men in your life.

Alphabet Letter Mug, £2 (Matalan)

Photo cred.: Matalan

Who doesn’t love a new mug. Especially a special one just for use by you! You can buy alphabet mugs from just anywhere that sells homewares, but the Matalan ones are certainly the best value, you can’t go wrong for £2 in my opinion.

I hope these ideas give you some helpful inspiration and your gift buying for Father’s Day this year is as stress-free as possible!





2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide.

  1. I hadn’t given this a lot of thought yet so thanks for thinking up some fab options! The problem with my husband is that he tends to just go and buy what he wants rather than wait for a present- too impatient! So then I struggle to get him something he actually wants! xx #fortheloveofBLOG

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  2. Why are men so hard to buy for?! I really struggle but this year I was determined to be more organised and I created a similar list on my blog. There are some lovely things here, I really love the turntable – so original! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

    Liked by 1 person

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