Our April Favourites.

April is my favourite month, with my birthday right in the middle and the lovely Spring weather starting to kick in, I always feel like April brings me out of my post-Christmas funk. Obviously my dreams of nicer weather haven’t really come true this year, but we’ve had a lovely month and here are the things that we’ve particularly enjoyed!


Nikon D3300 & VR Kit


I got this camera as a birthday present from my very lovely and generous boyfriend. I was feeling a bit unprofessional using my iPhone to take blog photos and wanted to tart my blog up a bit with better quality pictures. I’m still very much learning how to use it effectively, my first issue being that my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive so I can’t upload the proper software (there are no benefits to not having a disc drive, NONE). It’s amazing for taking blur-free pictures of George who is constantly on the run and who basically refuses to even look at me if a camera is in the vicinity. Hailed as an ‘impressive entry-level DSLR’ I’d definitely recommend the Nikon D3300 to any newbie bloggers or budding photographers out there. Available here.

Maybelline Forever Strong Gel Nail Varnish in Rose Poudre


I LOVE nude nail varnishes. Nude shades are timeless, classy and go with anything. I’ve constantly been on the hunt for the perfect pinky-nude shade to match my skin tone and I’ve finally found it (or been gifted it for my birthday I should say, thanks Beth!) I’ve worn it twice now and the wear is amazing. My job involves a lot of washing dishes (as does my general life *cries*) so my nail varnish tends to chip really quickly. I had this one on for five days and whilst a few of my nails had some wear on the tips, many of them still looked perfect! The brush is quite large so you only need to do a couple of swipes on each nail, and after two coats I was ready to go! Available here.


F&F Explore-Asaurus T-Shirt

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but George LOVES dinosaurs, and this t-shirt from his Auntie Meg has gone down a treat! To be honest George rarely latches on to something and remembers that he loves it for more than a few minutes at a time, but he’s worn this t-shirt all day today and is constantly talking about his T-Rex and asking where his spikes are. There’s nothing better than seeing a little one truly enjoy something is there? Available here.

Aldi ‘George’ Balance Bike

George got this bike for his birthday of his Nana and Dodo but he’s been slightly too small to use it properly. However, in a desperate attempt to enjoy the couple of days of good weather we had a couple of weeks ago we took it to the park for a ride. He was much better at it this time, despite it being quite slow-going for a while, and he proudly proclaimed to passers-by that he was ‘riding Georgey’s bike!’ He did give up after about 30 minutes, but he enjoyed his time zipping around the park on it while the vaguely nice weather lasted – just look at that sassy, smug, little face! This bike was available on the Aldi Toy Event last November so it’s unlikely they’ve still got them in stock, however there’s a similar one available here.



We’ve decided to make Frankie’s favourite a music-themed one seeing as that’s what he most enjoys doing when George and I are otherwise occupied. This month he’s discovered an artist named Tobias Jesso Jr. who released his debut album  in 2015 and featured on Adele’s 25. He’s also rediscovered Sufjan Stevens an American Indie-Folk singer, particularly his Carrie & Lowell album.


April means one thing for many people out there – NEW GAME OF THRONES! I have to say I did a fair amount of squealing when I realised the new series was due to be realised at the end of the month. It had been such a long time since the last series that we decided wed catch up on Series 5 before Series 6 started. How could I possibly have forgotten how good it is?  The white walkers scene, Cersei’s ‘shame’ walk, the arrest of the Tyrell’s, arghhh it’s just SO GOOD. We’ve yet to start the new series (currently watching Episode 10 of Series 5 as I type) but I’ve heard it’s a good one and I can’t wait!


Similar to last month, I’ve chosen another local area for our family favourite. We chanced the bank holiday weekend weather and took three of my southern Uni friends who were up visiting on a trip to Keswick in the Lake District. It’s such a beautiful little town,nestled on the edge of Derwent Water with views of Blencathra (along with many of the other great peaks of the Lakes) and with the sun shining it was a lovely day out – treating ourselves to a pub lunch and quick visit to an old-style sweet shop just topped it off! 



I’d love to know what you enjoyed in April!

Cuddle Fairy

2 thoughts on “Our April Favourites.

  1. What a fab list of things, I’m with you on the nude nail polish, I have about twenty nude polishes and my husband can’t get his head around the fact that I still insist on buying more. Clearly he can’t see the difference between the shades!! Men!! Love the balance bike too, our children have all had them and they make such a difference in learning to ride! #BloggerClubUK

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