Our March Favourites.

It’s that time again, the end of the month brings another round of favourites! I actually can’t believe it’s the end of March already, and here I am still hoping for a hint of Spring sunshine. I struggled a bit to come up with our favourites this month because we’ve not been using/doing that many things that are actually new, but a chat with my other half has jogged my memory so here goes:

My favourites this month are;

Lifestyle Fitness Gym, Carlisle

I’ll put it out there, I’ve never been skinny, but I’ve also never felt drastically unhappy about the way I look. However, over the past few months I’ve felt the pounds creep on and after a weekend away with my beautiful, fitness fanatic friends I’ve been spurred on to take control and sort myself out. I’ve been a member of a few different gyms before but never felt inspired to stick at it for too long, they’ve always made me feel unwelcome and intimidated. I’ve started out by going to the gym with said fitness fanatic friends in order to gain a bit of confidence in what I’m doing, but to be honest, the atmosphere of the gym in general is friendly and supportive, and even when going by myself I’ve felt at ease. I hope I continue to feel this way and in a few months will see the difference in myself – wish me luck! With memberships starting from around £12.99 a month, if there’s a Lifestyle Fitness near you I’d recommend checking it out.

L’Oreal Magic Retouch

Photo cred.: bzzagent.co.uk

I’d seen a few of these products advertised and thought I’d given one ago, because let’s face it, getting your hair coloured takes up a lot of time (that I never have) and a lot of money (that I also never have), so I was hoping this would provide a quick fix to my root problems. I wasn’t disappointed! The basic principle is that you spray the product onto your roots and *ta-da* your hair looks freshly coloured. I’ve got to say I was sceptical, I thought I’d end up with roots one colour and the rest of my hair the same ombred mess as before. However, the first person to see me after I’d popped the spray on actually asked if I’d had my hair done! Magic. The colour comes out like a sort of coloured hair spray so you do have to be careful where you’re directing the nozzle – I ended up with it all down my arms and forehead. It can also give your hair a bit of a funny texture, similar to hairspray again, but it didn’t speed up the need to wash it or anything. If you’re in between hair appointments and looking for a quick (and much cheaper!) fix, I’d definitely recommend this product. It can be found here for £8.99.

I feel like there’s going to be a running theme for George’s Favourites – dinosaurs. I’ve tried to stay away from featuring two dinosaur related items but what can I say, the boy is obsessed.

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures

You’re all humming the theme tune aren’t you? I know I am. Another hit programme from CBeebie’s Andy Day, Prehistoric Adventures is a ‘factual drama series bringing the historic world and its inhabitants to life’. George is OBSESSED. He loves to sing and dance to the theme tune and remains engrossed throughout, that is an entire ten minutes where he is not destroying my house, making Andy a favourite in my book too. I really feel like George is learning from watching this programme too. He can say words like ‘hatzegopteryx’ for goodness sake, and he can successfully identify at least ten different dinosaurs from their pictures which is more than I can do. Entertaining and educational – another CBeebies winner.

Photo cred.: BBC

Sticker Books

Is anyone else’s toddler obsessed with stickers? My house is covered in them. George loves sticking and unsticking them repeatedly, and I think picking them up is great for his fine motor skills – some of them are so fiddly! This one from Wilkos has been a particular favourite so far, we’ve actually gone through two of them (another dinosaur themed item, what a surprise!). It’s only £1.50 as well, what a bargain.

Photo cred.: Wilko

Frankie’s Favourite this month has been Kendrick Lamar’s new album – untitled unmastered. It’s a compilation album of previously unreleased demos, and as big Kendrick fan, Frankie has been enjoying listening to it on his walk to work. His favourite track is track 8 (untitled 8 | 09.06.2014). Available on iTunes for £9.99.

Our Couple’s Favourite is a bit of a strange one, and not something you can buy in shops. George is finally going off to bed awake, no tears, no tantrums, just an ‘I love you Mummy, good night’ and straight to snoozeville. After two years of bedtime anxiety we can finally relax in the knowledge that after his milk we can put him straight to bed and that’ll be it until the morning. The feeling is amazing!

Our Family Favourite is another local attraction, Talkin Tarn Country Park. Talkin Tarn is a firm favourite of inhabitants of Carlisle and the surrounding area, the 1.3 mile walk all the way around is perfect for those in need of some fresh air, or a couple of times around for those who enjoy a run in the countryside. We’ve been taking George for walks there regularly since he was born, and he’s gradually progressed from sleeping in his pram to running most of the way around, feeding the ducks as he goes. There’s a tea room and a park, as well as boat hire facilities, making Talkin Tarn a great morning or afternoon outing for families.


What have your favourites been this month?



5 thoughts on “Our March Favourites.

  1. My toddlers are totally obsessed with stickers also! Nice post. I suppose my March favourites were visiting Barcelos with the kids, finding a star fish in the beach and find some nice new cafes to have some well deserved coffee and cake!

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  2. My son isn’t old enough for sticker books and my daughter never cared so I’ve not had the joy yet. I’ll keep wilko in mind though because I’m looking forward to when I can do quiet activities with the boy.

    Andy’s Dinosaur adventures is great. Andy’s face is made solely for kids TV too haha! Great post! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My just turned three year old is also obsessed with Andy – I actually found your blog by googling ‘Andy hatzygopteryx’ to see if that’s where he learnt to say it (he pointed it out in a catalogue of dinosaur figurines!)
    It was either Andy or the cartoon Dinosaur Train (but that’s a poor substitute in Alfie’s books because it’s ‘not real’).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha we’re not so big on Dinosaur Train either, G’s recently decided he loves Walking With Dinosaurs but we have to keep skipping the gruesome parts. It’s lovely when they really like something isn’t it? They’re going to have great vocabs! X


  4. My just turned three year old is also obsessed with Andy – I actually found you by googling ‘Andy hatzygopteryx’ to see if that’s where he learnt to say it (he pointed it out in a catalogue of dinosaur figurines!)
    It was either Andy or the cartoon Dinosaur Train (but that’s a poor substitute in Alfie’s books because it’s ‘not real’).


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