George Turns Two.

Today, the 22nd February 2016, George is two years old. I can’t believe it even as I type it. Where have these two years gone?

As I started this blog a little late in the game for a baby blog where monthly updates are the norm, I thought I’d wait until this point to do a *sort of* update about where George is milestone and progress wise. I always find these posts so interesting, whether it be to remember what your own child was like at that age, look towards their future or to place their progression amongst their peers.


Sleep has always been a tricky subject for us. The question ‘is he a good sleeper’ usually illicited a grimace, groan and stifled yawn. Until recently.

The newborn stages, although somewhat blurry now, where characterised by four hours of undisturbed slumber punctuated by a feed that usually sent him right back off to dreamland. At around 8 weeks old he tricked us into thinking we’d cracked it, he’d sleep from roughly 8 until 8 with maybe one feed in between. Oh how naive we were. From about 4 months old until relatively recently George’s sleep pattern has fluctuated constantly. Some nights we’d get a full 12 hours, and others he’d be up every couple. We reached a point about 2 months ago where we decided enough was enough, we’d let him get used to sleeping in our bed with us and this had put him off the idea of his own cot entirely. We decided that we’d no longer pick him up and bring him into bed with us and would instead comfort him and stay in his room with him until he’d settled and gone back off to sleep. This has worked incredibly well, he sleeps through the night 95% of the time and if he does stir it usually just takes a quick kiss and tuck in to settle him. I can only hope this is it and we have actually cracked it, although I’m bearing in mind that toddlers are very quick to retract certain behaviours with no notice or consideration, so I’ll not get too comfortable.



One word. Fusspot. Since he learned to navigate a spoon and fork there’s been absolutely no telling George what he should and shouldn’t be eating. His favourites include; sausages, chips, fruit, yoghurt, breakfast foods, all things considered to be a ‘treat’. His dislikes include; EVERYTHING ELSE. Mealtimes with George range from joy (that he’s actually eaten a meal I’ve cooked), to intense disappointment (it’s on the floor/his head). It’s taken us a little while to get over the frustration his fussy eating causes but over the past couple of months we’ve really tried to stay calm about it. I don’t want mealtimes to be a battle. He is always given a portion of whatever we are having, if he eats it – great, if he rejects it – that’s a shame but we can try again another day. I’m hoping his eating will improve the older he gets and the more he is able to understand our negotiating, but as long as he’s eating a full breakfast (usually at least two courses) and snacking on fruit throughout the day, we can be okay with that.



I honestly think that George can understand almost anything I say to him. And 80% of the time he can give me a clear reply. George’s ability to speak and understand clicked into place at about 18 months old after a fortnight in Portugal with my partners family. His vocabulary grows everyday, recent words he has surprised me with include; prehistoric, celebrate, elevator, mammoth and hippopotamus. He can speak in sentences of 4, 5 or 6 words, and it baffles me that I can have a proper conversation with him. He can tell me what he wants to eat, what toy he wants to play with, what he wants on the TV, how he wants to spend his day, absolutely anything. Funnily though, he seems not to understand the word no, unless he’s the one saying it. That’s strange isn’t it?


George is currently very interested in dinosaurs and all big vehicles. He gets extremely excited when he sees a tractor, bus or train, and his favourite TV programme is undoubtedly Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on CBeebies. Watching him dance to the theme tune is the most hilarious and adorable thing I have ever seen. Some of his first words were animal noises and names, and his interest in them has never waned. We plan on taking him to a farm today for his birthday and I can’t wait to see his face light up at all his favourite animals in one place! He’s never had a favourite toy, but the wooden kitchen we got him for Christmas has been a hit, he’s constantly making us cups of tea and slices of pizza (made to order), and even does his own washing up. He also loves books and we have at the very least a couple of quiet story times every day. Climbing is a new obsession I wouldn’t mind him growing tired of. He’s forever climbing up onto his table, the back of the couch, on top of his toy boxes – anything, and his disregard for general safety is a nightmare. I think his ultimate enjoyment comes from jumping off whatever great height he has conquered, anything from curbs to a dining chair illicit a ‘YAY! DID IT!’

George’s main dislikes are the words ‘no’, ‘stop that’ and ‘nappy change’. Apart from that he’s pretty laid back and unless something upsets him (for example a recent traumatic episode he experienced with a bunch of crying babies at nursery ‘I don’t like the babies’) he tends to enjoy it.

The changes I see in George on a day to day basis astound me enough, never mind the amount he has grown and flourished since the day he was born. He’s a proper little person now, with a mind and will of his own. He no longer needs my full attention every second of the day and is happy to wander off by himself at playgroups and entertain himself with his toys at home. Whether he needs it or not my help and love will always be at the ready, and I can only hope that the years to come are as filled with happiness at watching him grow – although I would love it if they could please s l o w  d o w n.



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11 thoughts on “George Turns Two.

  1. Oh I love this, does bring back so many memories, my daughter’s language flew ahead after a holiday with family. I hope he enjoyed the farm. My son is three now and still has the odd rubbish night’s sleep, he is lactose intolerant though, and will be up a fair bit if he’s had too much dairy in the day. Also with eating, my daughter would always eat LOADS at brekkie and then not be too fussed through the day. She’s fine now though. Thanks for linking up again! #bigpinklink

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  2. Sounds like George is doing so well, especially with his talking! Well done George 🙂 With regards to the eating it sounds like you really have the right attitude with giving him the option to try the food. We have the same problem with our three year old and by doing the same she has made progress and will now eat vegetables-huzzah!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. He’s certainly Gorgeous George isn’t he! I’m so with you on the fussy eating thing right now. Dangermouse is basically living on chocolate chip brioche and I’m close to despair bout it!!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub – Happy Birthday George x

    Liked by 1 person

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