Getting to Know George.

I thought that seeing as though I dedicated a post to facts about me it would only be fair to do the same for George, this blog is mainly going to be about him after all. Despite only being 23 months old he is probably more interesting than me, and definitely cuter, so I hope you all enjoy getting to know him!

1) George was born at 1:39am on the 22nd February 2014, three days overdue. My waters had broken roughly 44 hours earlier so he was whisked off to Special Care for a couple of hours but was quickly returned with a clean bill of health. He was perfect.

Those tiny fingers!


2) From only days old he has been obsessed with my hair. I remember pulling it out of his tiny vice-like grip during his first week at home and he screamed the house down until I returned it to him. This obsession remains today and he generally falls asleep by running his fingers through my hair or holding it in his fist. I don’t even get a chance to move it from his reach now as I quickly get told to ‘let Georgey play with Mummy’s hair!’ And who can resist that?

3) He’s always been a sassy little thing and most photos I tried to take of him when he was small were greeted with this face:

4) His current obsessions are dinosaurs and tractors, actually he loves most large vehicles. He has a fact book about large farm machines that he makes us read to him at least once a day, it’s hilarious that he’s recognises and attempts to name vehicles like telehandlers and articulated haulers. He’s so much older than his (almost) two years.

5) He started to walk at around 10 months old and hasn’t stopped since. He runs everywhere and loves jumping in puddles. He is also a climber and you can’t leave him alone for 2 seconds without him finding higher ground and getting up there.

6) He said his first word at 5 months – ‘dada’ of course. 18 months later he is a right little Chatty Cathy and from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep he is constantly talking. The amount of words he knows is astounding, he can understand basically everything I say to him (unless he is choosing to ignore me) and can hold a conversation better than some adults I know. His newest party tricks include singing Twinkle Twinkle and Incy Wincy Spider.

7) He is a little fusspot when it comes to food. He’ll happily eat a three-course breakfast but often won’t touch his tea, he actually asked us to ‘remove it’ from his table the other day. We pretend that most food is made from sausages because that’ll usually get him to at least try it, but I’m certain if we just gave him sweet potato fries, sausage, fruit and yoghurt for every meal he’d be more than happy.

He only ate the satsuma from this plate!

8) He loves visiting mine and his Daddy’s familys, and can tell who we’re going to see depending on which direction we head out of the house in. He has two Aunties and an Uncle who spoil him, and he particularly enjoys playtime with them.

9) We’ve been taking him swimming since he was a few weeks old and he’s always enjoyed it. We’ve even recently felt comfortable enough to let him go by himself (with armbands of course) and he kicks his legs and moves his arms trying to swim around. We went on our first family holiday in the summer and he was so comfortable around water that he wasn’t even phased by the sea and ran straight in!


10) He is a happy and loving little boy, who is forever asking for ‘Mummy cuddles!’ (a habit I hope he never loses). He says ‘I love you’ when we say it to him, and gives out kisses to family, pets and friends without question.

I’ll leave it at that! I hope you all feel a little bit more familiar with my tiny bestie, I could’ve written another 100 facts about him, but I’m sure more will be revealed in later posts.


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