Birthday Card Review: Cardooo Cards

love all things birthday-related. Receiving cards in the post will always make me feel a little bit excited, and reading words that someone has written to me personally will always bring out my sentimental side. However, I do find it somewhat pointless to give my toddler any form of occasion card. As he’s only just coming up two years old he is yet to fully understand celebrations – apart from the receiving of presents, of course. So when it comes to giving him birthday cards it’s hard not to see it as a bit wasteful, in reality they ultimately become colouring/painting fodder.

So, when I was contacted by Cardooo and asked to have a look at their range of activity cards I was happy to accept! Previous reviews have hailed Cardooo cards as ‘the best birthday cards for children’ (The Twinkle Diaries) and ‘more than just a birthday card’ (Over 40 and a Mum to One), so I was excited to see what they had to offer.

I chose the ageless Dinosaur themed birthday card as their age cards range from 3 to 7 years old which were sightly too old for my needs as George will only be turning 2 this month. Dinosaurs are always a winner with him, so all else failing he would love the theme! There was no need to worry though, the card is brilliant. The range of activities inside the card include puzzles, colouring, a sticker sheet and scene, comic strips, and even a fold out board game. While some of the activities might be a bit too old for George to fully understand, I’m certain he’s going to love the stickers and colouring in, and I’m definitely going to be trying to play the board game with him (it even comes with a pop out dice).

Not only does the card fulfil my expectations in terms of entertainment for George, it also pleases the part of me that hates waste, this is one birthday card that won’t end up in the recycling after a couple of weeks! I’ll definitely be investing in some more of these cards for George’s little friends birthdays, what can be better than a card and present in one?

Cardoo cards cards can be found on their website, or your local ASDA.

*While this product was sent to me for review all opinions expressed are my own.



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